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Craftstone Sale

Craftstone Sale $25.00 + gst per box of selected Stone only whilst stock last. This is a one of sale from our range you will never see prices like this again, Austech Qld are selling at below cost to clear out our warehouse making room for a new selection of styles and colours. Quantities per box range from .8m2 to 1.2m2 at only $25.00 + gst each. Choose carefully no refunds or exchanges.

Craftstone is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. Craftstone is ideal for any feature or patio wall, the perfect back drop to a bar or even a man cave, make a statement with your letter box or fence, around the BBQ. Craftstone can also be used in water features, however you may have moss and algae issues. Craftstone is not recommended where there is chlorinated water as the chlorine will discolour the iron oxide pigment in the stone.

See below for the range we have available on Sale


Craftstone is supplied as individual pieces ranging from 50, 30 and 20cm in length and 10 to 15cm in height.