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Looking to buy Styrofoam online???
Austech is the number one business to buy Styrofoam online, from our web store we have a select range of sizes or you can contact us for larger sizes or quantities available for phone order. Alternatively we are located at 1089 Kingsford smith Drv Eagle Farm for counter purchases, our office hours are 7:30am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

A little bit about Styrofoam…

Styrofoam, the blue extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam, is a special and high performance insulation material developed by Dow in the 1940’s. Due to the production technology with extrusion, the boards have a uniform structure of closed cells (photo shows the cells with 25 times magnification). This closed cell structure offers a number of special characteristics and advantages in the installation:

• low thermal conductivity value long-term,
• excellent mechanical strength,
• no capillarity, Buy Styrofoam Online

• high moisture resistance,
• resistance to freeze-thaw cycles,
• high durability,
• high vapour diffusion resistance,
• lightweight and easy to handle,
• easy to cut with simple tools,
• resistant to rot and deterioration,
• clean, odourless and non-irritant to skin.

These properties allow styrofoam products to be installed without protection against moisture in special insulation systems like inverted flat roofs, external cellar wall insulation, floor insulation under the slab, frost insulation of buildings and civil engineering objects.

The advantages of using styrofoam insulation are obvious for specifiers, contractors and building owners:
• consistent high performance thermal insulation value for the life-time of the building
• long-term, safe and reliable solution also when the insulation is placed on the external side of the building envelope in severe climatic conditions, directly exposed to moisture and freeze-thaw effects.
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