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Decorative Window Shutters


‘Attractive decorative window shutters with the warmth and elegance of a real timer look’shutters

Perfect Window Shutters

Bring your doors and windows to life with the distinctive style of decorative Window Shutters. In a wide range of traditional and contemporary styles, Perfect Shutters bring the warmth and elegance of timer with the durability and easy maintenance of modern plastics technology.

Lasting Appeal

Perfect Window Shutters offer an attractive design accent around your home or business with durable decorative shutters in a wide range of styles. With the natural deep-edged texture of real wood, Perfect Shutters’ leading technology offers a range of permanent classic decorative colours for lasting, weatherproof good looks. Alternatively, primed shutters are also available, ready to receive the colour of your choice.

Guaranteed Durability

Designed and tested to be durable and low maintenance, Perfect Window Shutters offer the beauty of an authentic wood grain finish without the problems of peeling, cracking or warping. Non-corrodible colour-coordinated shutter locks make Perfect Shutters easier to install while holding more securely to your surface. Occasional hosing down with water (and mild dish soap as an option) maintains the lustre of Perfect Shutters and keeps your home looking great.

Perfect Shutters also come with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer for your peace of mind.

Choice and Versatility

Choose from the best with a wide range of styles and colours to suit every home or business. Perfect Shutters can be installed on all types of surfaces and add value and kerb appeal to any property.

Shutters can be sized to custom fit your doors and windows, or purchased in standards sizes: 635mm, 785mm, 910mm, 985mm, 1095mm, 1220mm, 1320mm, 1400mm, 1525mm, 1630mm, 1710mm, 1835mm, 2010mm.

Perfect Window Shutters come in a standard width of 365mm.

Want the beauty of Perfect Shutters for you home or business? Contact the Austech Office today or submit an enquiry.