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Austech recognises the role of Engineers in the building Industry.  We have the resources and capacity to deliver large orders over long periods of time.

Austech provides quality products, meeting international standards and technical advice for Engineers.

Austech specialises in the distribution of high-quality, innovative construction material.

We have dedicated team with experience, history and national distribution that allows you the most up to date information and specifications about our products.

Austech’s  range of products, understanding and knowledge of the construction process means we can proact for the largest constructions.

With such a large range of external building materials Austech provides flexibility to suit all of your designs. In particular, Styrofoam. With a guaranteed long term, high performance thermal properties, it is the ideal product for insulation and construction for varied building applications.  Recommended products that will improve the success of your projects.

There is a growing emphasis on sustainability in the building industry, Engineers are at the cutting-edge of designing, developing and managing new technologies that help to reduce the carbon emissions on their projects.

The applications can include lightweight construction and render systems, concrete roof, deck and balcony insulations, under slab flooring plus precast and tilt up sandwich panels. Check out www.extrudedpolystyrene.com.au for more information on this innovative product.

or Check out this and other innovative products on the Products tab above.

Our Commitment to Engineers

Austech is committed to providing products that improve the efficiency and performance of buildings and other constructions whilst protecting the environment.

Austech, “Supporting you with Smart Solutions”.