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Granny Flat Cladding

Thinking about building a Granny Flat for a family member or to earn extra income, Enviroshield Vinyl Cladding is perfect for a Granny Flat Cladding.  Being light weight makes it easy to install or transport if you are building to transport elsewhere. Granny Flat Cladding supplied by Austech Qld has 13 modern colours, UV resistant against fading and staining,  20mm EPS insulated backing ensuring you are warm in winter and cool in the summer months and great for those energy bills we all worry able, the insulation will assist with surrounding noise levels.  EPS insulation contains 62%  (Bifenthrin) a termite retardant, which is more than the minimum requirement. 

Once installed the only maintenance required is an occasional clean you will never paint again. Granny Flat Cladding Enviroshield has a realistic woodgrain texture and uses a unique locking system that guarantees total weather protection with it’s tights and secure fit it includes Windlock 180 system enabling panels to withstand the harsh weather conditions throughout Australia (including winds of up to 288 km per hour).   If you are in a Cyclone area or in an area where wind is a concern we have special Cyclone Washers available to purchase remember to ask when you make your enquiry. 

In the past Granny Flats had faded out but they are back and we are receiving enquirers every day, whether it be someone building their own Granny Flat or maybe you have selected someone local to build for you, they can send your plans to us and we can supply the cladding along with an installation guide, also answering any questions your builder may have.  There are so many options available they vary depending on which area you intent to build Brisbane City Council

Our Eagle Farm showroom is open 5 days a week,  here you can see a large wall of Enviroshield Cladding installed along with all components, not an option we can post you a sample and colour swatch to assist with you selection. 

The Granny Flat below will give you an idea how smart Light Weight Enviroshield Cladding can look. Granny Flat Cladding