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Granny Flats

Granny Flats are becoming more and more popular throughout Queensland as the housing affordability is increasing throughout Australia.  Council laws have changed over the past 18 months making Granny Flats a great option, family members can live together whilst remaining in separate dwellings having their own privacy whilst sharing the cost of living. The City of Ipswich has recently changed it’s by-laws stating you can rent a Granny Flat to anyone, what a great way to own your home early. Logan City Council, Moreton Bay Regional Council, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast City Council have now adopted similar changes to their Planning Schemes. 

There are so many granny flat, portable homes builders throughout Australia using a wide variety of materials,  one of the most common and cost effect is Insulated Vinyl Cladding, being light weight and easy to install. This product never requires painting making it perfect for your investment no maintenance required! The other advantage if you have an old existing house rather than painting clad straight over the top even over asbestos as our product encapsulates the fibers. Don’t stress if you aren’t offered to use our product I can guarantee that your builder will be happy to use any products you suggest. We have staff available to assist you or your builder with a quote, samples and colour swatches. Call Austech Qld today for assistance 073268 3066 or email reception@austechqld.com.au


Granny Flat