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Interior Wall Insulation

Interior Wall Insulation

Interior Wall Installation STYROFOAM supplied by Austech External Building Products Queensland.

Most council building codes require a minimum amount of insulation in a house’s exterior walls and ceiling. Insulating interior walls isn’t as common, although it offers homeowners energy saving and sound-dampening benefits. The best time to insulate all walls is during new construction, but it’s possible to add insulation to existing walls.

Benefits of Interior Wall Insulation:

Interior wall insulation over bricks
  • High resistance to water and water vapor (Mould)
  • Thermal Ratings to suit all council requirements (R-value)
  • High mechanical strengths
  • Light weight and easy handling for installation
  • Energy Efficient

Its higher R-value achieves to maximize a precious floor space. STYROFOAM is widely used for internal wall insulation installing it independently with various materials and procedures.

Insulating interior walls reduces some sound transfer from room to room. Because sound also travels through wood framing, insulating a standard interior wall doesn’t provide a completely soundproof barrier. In rooms that require heavy sound dampening, such as home theaters, a double-framed wall consisting of offset studs in addition to insulation is usually necessary.

Where is Interior Wall Installation used:

Interior wall insulation can save on home utility costs, especially if the house has rooms that are not in use year-round.  You may want to have your main living rooms insulated to separate them from unused guest rooms or storage rooms. Interior wall insulation Styrofoam will reduce heat transfer. When rooms are not temperature controlled, the framing is more likely to expand and contract, which contributes to cracked drywall.

Interior walls that separate individual living spaces in duplexes or apartments, known as “party walls,” frequently require insulation, not only to reduce sound and thermal transfer but also to stop the spread of fire from one side of the wall to the other. Consult your local building authority before building or altering a party wall you may need a permit.

Australia is renowned for it’s wine and successful wine storage requires constant temperature and high humidity, creating some unique problems for insulation. Most insulation would under perform in these conditions, however STYROFOAM is not affected by moisture in the air, so it is ideal for this unique application.

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