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All you need to know about Vinyl Cladding

Duratuff Select’s new generation of vinyl cladding weatherboards offers rich, vibrant colours with authentic wood grain textures for a more beautiful home. Cladding, put simply is the process of covering and protecting the outside of your home for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Vinyl Cladding is designed to add comfort, safety and protection from all types of weather conditions. .Vinyl Cladding is fully protective, CFC Free Solid foam Insulation, this is built into the cladding to ensure you:

· Maintain a comfortable temperature in summer

· Retain heat in the winter months

· Block out surrounding noises

Vinyl Cladding is becoming increasingly popular in the DIY Industry for several reasons. The most obvious is that it’s virtually maintenance free. All of our Austech wall cladding is significantly tested against all weather conditions so we know it won’t rot, peel, dent, split or crack.

No cleaning of the product is required, and more importantly no touch up with paint or repairs every few years. The colour is integrated all the way through the material, so you can rest easy knowing the appearance of your house will be looking fresh for many years to come. Austech External Building Products offers the Duratuff Select Vinyl Cladding range product in 8 standard colours and 5 vibrant options from the Colour scapes collection. Because the Colour in the cladding is solid throughout the product, this removes the need for painting. Paint and Vinyl expand at different rates and a combination of the two could lead to cracking and peeling of the painted surface.

Vinyl Cladding is also astonishingly environmentally friendly. Fewer resources are used to manufacture this product and maintain than other cladding options. Along with the insulation which it provides, saving money on power bills is another benefit from having Austech’s Vinyl Cladding used in your next project.

Austech’s range of Duratuff Selects Vinyl Cladding makes an appealing, economical, attractive choice to home owners and business owners alike. The durable, maintenance free and 50 year Warranty makes our Vinyl Cladding the perfect choice. Visit Austech today to find out more or view this product or simply make an enquiry.