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Palliside Weatherboards


A stylish low maintenance alternative to weatherboards. The cladding that never needs painting.

Enjoy the contemporary values of weatherboarding your home without the traditional worries of maintenance. The new Palliside weatherboard has been specifically designed to eliminate the need for painting while protecting your home from nature’s extremes.

Pick up new Palliside and you’ll notice immediately an intrinsic quality. It feels substantial without being heavy. It’s unique cellular foam construction with solid colour throughout has been tested and proven to withstand the weathering effects of nature’s harshest extremes. It meets the Cyclone test of AS1170.2, so it can be used in tropical cyclone category C, as defined in the Wind Loading Code.

Palliside’s smooth or wood grain finish will stay looking great decade after decade and when erected is virtually indistinguishable from newly painted timber.

At the heart of new Palliside is an incredibly durable core that is at the forefront of today’s technology. It’s impact resistant, robust construction won’t dent or chip.

New Palliside also incorporates a unique U.V. protection layer specially designed for Australia’s harsher sunlight. The design technology goes behind the scenes incorporating an anti-capillary channel that prevents moisture and vermin getting behind the boards. Palliside will never warp, rot or rust, maintaining its own good looks so you dont have to.

Palliside’s double board profile goes up quickly using standard tools and the interlocking boards means no visible nails. New Palliside can be fitted easily to standard framings with no need for reduced spacing or sheathing. Boards can be joined off stid to reduce wastage.

Palliside has a comprehensive range of accessories to provide a choice of finishes for corners and joins. Gaps against joinery are neatly plugged shutting out the weather and dirt. Palliside comes clean in an instant with a sponge and warm soapy water. Any grime just washes away leaving a board that looks like new and lasts.

Palliside also offers thermal and acoustic insulation. Due to its UV protection and resistance to salt spray, its just as much at home in an exposed coastal townhouse. What’s more, our comprehensive range of accessories ensures a clean smooth finish without any niggling nooks or gaps. Features include –

  • Never needs painting
  • Won’t rot, fade, warp or blister
  • Maintenance free
  • Works like timber
  • Never needs painting
  • Won’t rot, fade, warp or blister
  • Maintenance free
  • Works like timber
  • Full accessory system
  • Fire resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Backed by the Marley Guarantee
  • Designed to the Australian Standard (AS/NZS 4257.9) (AS/NZS 4256.4)
  • Designed to withstand tropical cyclone category C
  • Suitable for re-cladding and general extensions
  • Ideal for upper stories
  • Greater profile cover
  • Minimal thermal movement

To view the Palliside product brochure click here.

For further information on Palliside contact the Austech office.