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Protected Membrane Roof / Concrete Roof Deck

Protected Membrane Roof/Concrete Roof Deck

Protected membrane roofing is the more conventional roofing system due to the sequence in which the materials are applied. The key to the PMR (protected membrane roof) system is that the insulation is placed on top of the waterproofing membrane. This configuration protects the membrane, resulting in excellent long-term insulation performance and durability. Using DOW STYROFOAM XPS as the insulation offers exceptional performance when installing it directly on top of the waterproofing membrane.

Depending on the use of the roof, the protection layers are selected from gravel, concrete slab, concrete paves, interlocking block or soil and vegetation for a green roof. The exceptional robustness of Dow Styrofoam extruded polystrene (XPS) rigid insulation and long-term thermal performance helps to ensure energy efficiency in a range of residential and commercial structures.  With proven performance and data, Syrofoam XPS insulation is engineer specified in today’s increasingly highly insulated designs.


    1. Reduce the buildings carbon footprint
    2. Reduces rising energy bills
    3. Compatible with a range of membrane types
    4. Allow for a range of ballast options – stone, precast paving slabs, soil and plantings for a vegetative roof, interlocking stone or concrete
    5. Protect the membrane from weathering, foot traffic and other types of physical abuse – both during and after construction
    6. Compatible with a range of different membranes
    7. Maintain the membrane at a nearly constant temperature, close to the temperature of the building’s interior; this minimizes the stresses on the membrane by reducing effects of freeze-thaw cycling, thermal cycling and excessive heat in todays climates
    8. Allow year-round construction as the roof is waterproofed first, then insulated
    9.  Permit easy removal and re-installation of the ballast and insulation for making repairs or for constructing additional stories
    10. Provides excellent moisture resistance and long-term R-value to extend the life of the roof and structure
Protected Membrane Roof Sequence
Protected Membrane Roofing Sequence

For more information: www.extrudedpolystyrene.com.au or  www.austechqld.com.au/styrofoam.html