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Refrigerated Transport

Refrigerated Transport Utilizing STYROFOAM™

The technical requirements for refrigerated transportation are defined by regulations and by economic considerations, which include the resale value of a vehicle.   To be cost efficient, refrigerated transport must be insulated effectively and reliably whilst also being lightweight and built with highly durable materials to last for decades. By choosing STYROFOAM™ as a core material it is possible to obtain those requirements.

Styrofoam can be used to create refrigeration in all sorts of vehicles for many reasons from Semi Trailers distributing cold and frozen goods throughout Australia, Refrigerated Containers distributing all over the world. Smoko food vending vehicles and Insulated Vans for small deliveries.

Austech Queensland stock large quantities of Dow Styrofoam in 4 thicknesses each having their own Thermal Rating (R-Value).

There are many advantages to using Dow Styrofoam for the design and manufacturing of Refrigerated Transport: Refrigerated Transport

  1. Rigid closed cell structure
  2. Thermal Ratings (R-Value)
  3. Low thermal conductivity
  4. High compression strength
  5. Lightweight and easily bonded
  6. Constructed to withstand severe dynamic loads

Panels with STYROFOAM™ as a core material have been used in the manufacture of floors, walls and roofs of refrigerated transport including truck bodies, vans and shipping containers for more than 25 years with proven success.