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Stacked Stone
Latest completed project Aged Care Facility Capalaba Queensland


Austech External Building Products Queensland is the largest supplier of the Stacked Stone in Brisbane and Queensland. With a  large range of Superb colours and textures to enhance and inspire any project from the Interior and Exterior of your Residential or Commercial property.

Where Stacked Stone is used

Stone is a contemporary look which can be used in a number of different designs from Internal Feature Walls to Bars, Lobby Areas, Counters and Reception Areas, Pool areas and Garden Design, anywhere where a natural Stone Cladding is required to give the desired Modern Effect.

Stacked Stone also known as Stone Cladding, can be used to transform any wall from being uninspiring and plain into a Feature Wall. Simple and stylish giving a clean look which is aesthetically pleasing from Natural Stacked Stone that benefits from low cost installation and can be adhered to most structurally sound surfaces.

Is Stacked Stone real stone

Stacked  stone is cast in latex molds taken from selected natural stone.  Each colour and texture uses its own blend of Portland cement, Pumice and iron oxide pigments. On close examination it  looks and feels just like real stone.

This stone is a manufactured stones with the advantages of being lightweight some would say that “Stone is Stone” but Craftstone supplied by Austech brings simplistic shapes that will create the inspiring look within today’s modern environment.

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