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Underfloor Insulation

NRG Underfloor Insulation is a cost effective, energy efficient building solution, designed for wall, ceiling and floor insulation. NRG Insulation is suitable for the internal insulation of timber and steel construction. 

Austech are proud distributors of NRG Greenbatts, an underfloor insulation product that gives a smart solution to the problem of under floor insulation in new homes but can also be retrofitted into existing homes.

The products insulation system has been designed to be quick and simple, while also being self-supporting in most situations. This makes it especially useful in pole homes and timber framed houses. NRG Underfloor insulation (Greenbatts) are so easy to install that you can do them yourself, no need to pay a builder! 

Underfloor Insulation sizes to suit your needs

There are a range of different sizes and thicknesses available to fit almost any floor joist system, while offering varying thermal values to match your specific needs. With thicknesses available from 50mm to 85mm, you can pick the system that best suits your property. There are several different widths Austech Queensland can arrange almost any size you require.

The high R-value is achieved with a snug fit between joists to create a pocket of stabilized air. This protects the home from the extremes of temperatures under the floor, making it a more comfortable place to live.

The stabilized pocket also helps to eliminate the flow of air between the floorboards, preventing a cold breeze from cooling your house in winter. This can also help with damp reduction since moisture soaked water vapor can no longer pass into the house directly through the floorboards.

NRG underfloor insulation also contain a fire retardant and will not support a flame; furthermore, if it is involved in a fire it only has a level of toxicity similar to that of burning wood so you can rest assured that your home is safe.

NRG underfloor insulation are an extremely versatile product and can easily be used for tricky insulation jobs, including walls, tight ceilings and sheds since it is extremely light weight, self-supporting insulation and works with many surfaces.

NRG Underfloor Insulation offers the following advantages:

  • Easy to install (handyman)
  • No Fixing required
  • R1.3 Thermal Rating (50mm Green-Batt)
  • R2.2 Thermal Rating (85mm Green-Batt)
  • Fire Retardant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Vermin retardent

Underfloor Insulation Standard Dimensions 

1200mm x 420mm to fit 450mm stud and joist centres

1200mm x 575mm to fit 600mm stud and joist centres



Pre-Floor Installation

nrg-grren-batts-pre-floor-installation (1)

Post-Floor Installation

Foam Underfloor Insulation


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